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Mike trevino (I am a Customer)
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Jun. 09, 2019
I purchased a 2019 450l Honda dual sport I asked salesman to give me best out the door price all charges included and asked if I pay cash could they throw in helmet he said I have to ask manager so he came. Back with price and I ask if he could throw in helmet he said yes go pick one out I said anyone he said yes so I got one I then asked for owner manual he said it was somewhere around or under seat I asked again later on thinking he or someone would show me and then I ask lady who did paper work and counted money about manual she said they take care of it I leave with bike get home take seat off no manual I call first he say the salesman that when I left the manual was on bike then he say the key opens box it's in there but there is no box the 250l has that it's been over a month no manual I look at paper work they charge 206 for helmet and 638 for destination charges find out later when i buy 250l from anyone other than them that most others dont charge for that at all and any that do charge 338 i called manager ask about manual and told him about the honest great deal I got in Covington for 250l he ask why I didn't buy from them he said we got one I said I know I sat on it I said u really want to know I told him and he lie and said he was completely unaware of what went down and he would investigate and fix everything I knew that was a bogus remark I went pick up liscence plate he didn't hardly talk to me the salesman came up talk to me said and lie to my face that he told me that they couldn't throw in helmet trying to make me out to be lier i knew they wouldn't do anything because i believe that is how they conduct business i see through the phoney reviews that sugar coated never again i wouldn't buy a piece of bubble gum from them watch out for lies and cornball tricks
John (I visited this Dealer)
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Feb. 24, 2016
A couple of weeks ago. I called to get a service check on my bike. Quoted me $308. Took it in and left it. A few days later a service girl called and was verifying the work to be done. The price had jumped to over $500. I said "no way. I was told $308". She put me on hold for a while and came back with $358. If I hadn't driven 87 miles to leave it. I would've come and got it and told them to stick it where the sun don't shine. Tried the usual upswell too. Had to repeat that I didn't want anything else done. Well I was at a store the other night talking to a dude looking for a bike. This topic came up. He said a friend of his had the exact same thing happen to him. Sounds dirty doesn't it? My visit was for a valve clearance check. I wonder if they even did it. The original $308 was a little cheaper than 3 other dealers had give me.
Stephen (I visited this Dealer)
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Jun. 01, 2014
Terrible sales staff Will not work on price will not deal no respect for the customer. Lazy employees does not try to make a sale. Will never go back again.
VM (I am a Customer)
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Dec. 12, 2013
horrible customer service when it comes to atv service. they supposedly "fixed" our artic cat a few times for the same thing while under warrantly, only to have it doo the same thing again once it was out of warranty. we only went to them once to fix it after that, and they charged outrageously, and still didn't fix the same dang problem! read above complaints about not matching other dealers' prices or even coming down just a little to keep you from driving elsewhere to buy, and have personally experienced the same cold shoulder, like sales doesn't matter to them. have never recommended this dealer to friends and will continue to warn them away based on my bad experiences with them.
goingsomewhereelse (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 1  5
Aug. 10, 2013
Will not work with you on price. Have a tax sale coming up , no taxes and they act like they are giving you those saving. Have factory rebate give you that, but will no come off MSRP. NO WAY, go somewhere else.
Holden (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 3  2
Jul. 17, 2013
Parts people are clueless the sells team act like you money is not green enough for them and act like you bother them to ask them a question and if you shop around a little there prices are way higher then everyone else I really don't have anything good to say expect there sells floor does have alot of choices to look at

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