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Northeast Motorsports Reviews Write A Review

Grant Davis (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  0
Jan. 08, 2015
I have been a customer for just over three years. For me I have NEVER had a problem with anyone of the staff at Northeast. There have been times, that I have just stopped in to look around and BS and they have NO PROBLEM with this. They are very down to earth and Bear is AWESOME. They will help you anyway they can you just have to ASK. Are they there to make money? Yes, do they get back logged and have to much work sometimes? Yes. But they are more than willing to help and answer any questions you might have, you just need to ASK and not be a tool. Let me tell you a story. I have a 2012 Arctic Cat 550 four wheeler that I got from them. The first weekend I had it out, and I bought it new by the way, I got stuck so bad, and flooded the engine to the point it would not start. Still on the trail, I called Northeast and talked to one of the staff, I will not name who it was, But this staff member stayed on the phone with me for over 30min and walked me through troubleshooting steps to try and help get me back up and running and even tried calling a friend to see if they could help. My wheeler did have to stay on the trail over night and it was a long long long walk back to my house. But I was very thankful that Northeast was there to help and give me the help they did. I wish I could get this kind of service at more places. Thanks Northeast you guys rock.
Kyle (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  0
Sep. 16, 2014
OMG!! What a looser! Obviously do NOT want to see you out on the trails! If you are half the douche riding, as you are as a person, good luck in life dude... You say, I or others that agree with the dealer are keeping this thing going?? You Corey, you are keeping this going. You are the douche and for customers like me that know the owners and the staff, also know that what you are saying online is so off base that it pisses me off that someone with such a low mentality would try to "hurt" the dealership. What are you really getting out of it? Does this actually make you feel better? Try counseling, it really appears you need it. I'm sure your parents are real proud of you and your "accomplishments"? What a f*ck up! Get a life dude
Cory (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 0  1
Sep. 15, 2014
Good try Kyle. You along with everyone else who thinks they know the deal on this unit can kiss off. It is obvious that you are friends with the owners and their employees. That and your dollar lets you have your own opinion. It was not as described here or otherwise. Say what ever you wish, it really does not matter to me. Online reviews are here for everyone, so if you are upset that I used it to satisfy a 9k dollar purchase don't fret, we won't be friends. You along with all the naysayers are really slow at how this works. You think that someone who reads this won't feel there is just a little bit of truth to the story? Wrong. And the more you piss and moan that I am wrong, the more you add to the problem. I was the one who dealt with them, you were not, not really sure why everyone feels the need to jump in on this. Boy if you guys were as active about politics there would be much better people in office. Have a great day. I will check back next week to see what other misguided responses and hate mail I get.
Kyle (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 5  1
Aug. 29, 2014
I know the owners and the staff and all I can say is the dealership DID try to correct the issue but Cory did not want to drive back to the dealership, he was 3 hours away. The dealership sold a used (as is) Polaris razor and drove it out to the parking lot each day and back in at night. They did not experience what the new owners experienced because the dealership did not drive it the same way. They didn't start it, drive, stop it and try restarting immediately like the new owners did when they experienced the problem. Therefore, Northeast had no way of knowing and toldy them to bring it to the shop and they would look at it. Again, he didn't want to drive down to the dealership AND if he did bring it down, he wanted to wait while it was fixed. The dealership told them they couldn't promise them it would be fixed immediately that day because for one they had scheduled appointments and secondly they had to diagnose the problem and order parts if needed.....Cory freaked out and started his online BS because he said Northeast should have taken it in fixed it right off and sent them on there way. My bike was in that day for tires, bags and an oil change, I would have been pissed if they bumped me for this ASS. I had to schedule the time off just like anyone else and if you didn't want to drive the 3 hours, why did you buy it three hours away and if you want warranty on a used wheeler, buy a new one. Even after Northeast corrected the issue, Cory is still trying to bash them. It must be tough going through life with an attitude like that and how sad for him that he is surrounded by us imperfect people. We all love going up north to ride even if it is a 2, 3 or 4 hour ride. We'll be looking for them out on the trails and ask how the machine is running. Happy riding everyone and to Northeast Motorsports - DONT let this moron Cory bring you down. You guys get along with everyone, all of your customers love you and you have always been fair and understanding. Screw this guy! Ok, on my way up north for the long weekend. Who else is in?
Dennis (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  3
Aug. 29, 2014
Here is the real question and you or I will never know and the dealership will deny it to everyone they can because they need credibility to stay in business. Why would this guy have been so upset if they just offered to stand behind it in the first place? You can say all the immature things you want as a keyboarding internet bully, but it amounts to nothing of real substance because these sites are meant for people to share their experiences. Your post adds nothing to the conversation because you spend more time trying to discredit something you obviously are not a part of, and if you were it makes it look even worse for the dealership. Save us all the effort and post good things if you have them and stay off the soapbox because it just adds fire to the situation. People who are looking for new places to spend money just see this drama and stay clear, obviously something that the employee never took into account either. The best response would have been to say something along the lines of "please give us a call so we can clear up the issues you are having." This would have removed the situation from the front lines. You have done nothing to help.
Laney Smith (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 6  3
Aug. 27, 2014
This Corey guy sounds like a complete idiot!!!! Obviously doesn't know the dealership. My wife and I have been going for years and if there is a problem, they corrected it. I bet this is one of those guys who, no matter what you do, he'll never be satisfied! They don't need people like that anyway and those of us who know them, are thinking the same thing "ass, probably voted for Obama and wants his free handouts" This guy sounds like a pansy, I can imagine how long it took for him to sit down and compose his thesis on Northeast Motorsports. What an idiot!!!!!!
Cory (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  7
Aug. 26, 2014
The issue that causde the seemingly "unprofessional" response was that when we did call we were told we bought a consignment machine and that you had no idea what could be wrong with it. Funny, the check was made out to you and the advertisement never stated that. That is an important consideration because if we wanted to buy a machine from a private party there are plenty near us for a lot less. My father wanted peace of mind with purchasing from a dealer which is what I recommended. Sounded like a good idea until...wait for guessed it. The thing failed and we got the run around. Now here in your response you even mention that you did put it in the shop and look it over, but when I spoke to the owner and the sales person they both claimed it had not been through the shop and could therefore could not speak about the issue we were having. Simply put, no one expects to spend close to 9k and have it fail out of the gate. You can talk circles around the issue, blame me for being mad, but no one reading this would think differently either. Good grief, get over it. Don't spend your time trying to sway my opinion in the hopes to make it sound like it is just another customer gone mad. To be honest, it took a great deal of effort not to hang up on the owner who refused to accept responsibility for what appears to be a dishonest situation. It was only after a great deal of frustrated conversation which resulted in the final offer to take it in and diagnose. I think the issue here is that somehow your dealership thought I wanted it to magically be diagnosed and fixed which is certainly an unreasonable expectation which I DID not have. I just did not want to hear that you were going to place some oil changes as priorities because you don’t hang a POLARIS sign in the front as you clearly stated. Moral of the story. If you are not capable of or as your response infers being versed in products you don’t sell, don’t take them in for trade or don’t sell them to the public. Problem solved. There is a Polaris dealer 10 minutes from you. I am sure they are appreciating your business model. And for the record Rob, not really sure why you felt the need to be involved since you were the least involved in the whole order because you really only took one of several calls which lasted all of two minutes. I do really appreciate you feel the need to tell me I am not welcome, which I am sure will not be lost on others who are considering your dealership for work, purchase or otherwise. You should have considered the fact that the only reason my father was your customer is because I pointed him to you. I appreciate the fact that the machine has been fixed at the local Polaris dealership at your expense. My father is now happy and his machine should now provide him some enjoyment which is not much to ask for a 9k purchase. Please note that I would have removed my previous listing at my father's request because he told the owner I would, however after reading your misrepresentation of the facts we both determined that welcome or not, he could not spend any more money there either. Lesson learned on our end. It would seem not so on your side.
Rob (I am an Employee of this Dealer)
Helpful? 6  3
Aug. 07, 2014
We were 100% up front with you regarding this unit as we are with all units that we sell. You did buy a used RZR from us that we took in trade and we did run through service (we replaced tires as needed, 15 point inspection - brakes, fluids etc) and the machine started and ran fine. We (or anyone for that matter) could not have predicted that the starter would act up or we would have simply fixed it. I took the original call and you told me - you were 3 hours north of our dealership, the starter was not working correctly but you could start the unit, you specifically told me that you were not stranded. We are obviously not a Polaris dealer as we do not have a POLARIS SIGN nor do we have new Polaris inventory in our showroom. We did tell you to bring the machine down and we would look at it as soon as possible but we had several scheduled appointments for customers that we needed to take care of. We can only do what we can do each day but we would have been more than happy to diagnose and fix your machine as we told you. The owner of the machine (your Dad) seemed fine with the last conversation we had regarding this situation.
Additionally, we did not appreciate your very unprofessional approach and false accusations regarding this situation therefore we are in agreement that you will never be "treated" at our dealership again, "you are not welcome here". This said, we are more than happy to accommodate the "owner" of this unit (your father).

Cory (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 3  6
Aug. 06, 2014
Not upfront about used inventory sales. We bought an almost 9k machine that broke down the first trip out. We were told at purchase it had "gone" through the shop because it had new tires. When we called we were told they were not a dealer for the brand we bought from them. They then proceeded to tell us that they would look at it in the order it came to the shop with no regard that we just bought it less than one day ago and it essentially was not safe to take out. The owner argued that it was strict policy that all customers were treated the same. This is one customer they will never "treat" again. Her argument furthered that we bought a consignment machine so essentially we were on our own. It was not advertised that way and not disclosed when we paid asking price in full. If I had wanted to buy a machine from a private seller I would not have called a dealer.
Mark Kervick (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 6  1
Dec. 01, 2012
I am a repeating customer for NE Motorsports because their service department continues to execute repairs at the highest levels. They offer open and honest dialogue about repairs needed. I have never been over charged for services rendered. NE motorsports stands behind their service and guareentees all service 100%.
Robert (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 6  1
Nov. 11, 2012
Customer service here is the best I've seen. Northeast Motorsports treats people like people and they are very easy to deal with.
Robert (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 5  1
Nov. 11, 2012
Customer service here is the best I've seen. Northeast Motorsports treats people like people and they are very easy to deal with.

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