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Topsham, Maine
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Tri-Sports, Inc. Reviews Write A Review

Peter Gallant (I am a Customer)
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Sep. 27, 2015
I should have checked with this review forum before I ever dealt with these people. I have a fully restored, like new 1982 Honda CB900C. The front brake caliper was sticking, I didn't have time to fix it so I brought it to them. ARRRRRRRRRGGGHHH!!!!! They had it for almost 6 weeks. I picked it up, finally, and got about 3 miles before the front brakes locked up. I got it back to them and they said they'd fix it right away. 2 weeks later I picked it up again and the same thing happened. I should have know by then to stay away from them but I already paid so I let them try again. I did get it home but the front brake master cylinder reservoir was leaking badly. I fixed it myself. There was crap in the groove that the o-ring sits in.

I didn't think to check the bike over when I got it back. It should be OK, it was the dealer that worked on it, right? Today I went to wax it and noticed many scratches and dents on the tank that look just like the handle of a ratchet. The greasy smudge marks I was able to remove. Also, something was spilled on the tank and side covers that I can't remove or compound out. I can't prove that they did this, all that would happen if I returned is that I would probably be arrested. I'm TOTALLY disgusted. I can't even look at the bike. I put sooo much work into it and these guys made a complete mess of it.

I hope this complaint helps someone else. Stay away from these clowns!!!!!!!!!!! My next stop is the better business bureau.
Rich Johnson (I am a Customer)
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May. 29, 2013
i bought a one year old wheeler when i got it home i noticed that the tire rim was rubbing on the a arm because of the bad bearings ball joints and bushings i called trisport and they said bring it in and we will see what we can do after reading these reviews i decided not a good idea this wheeler was so bad i had to replace front and rear bearings bushings balljoints hub and when i contacted the owner and sent him pictures of the bad parts he tried to make it out to be my fault for not bringing it back to them to fix im out 500 dollars so beware this place sells bad product and wont stand behind anything yours truley lost costomer for life
The dealer has responded to this review:
May. 30, 2013
The customer was told to bring in the machine and if there was something wrong it would be fixed free of charge. They never brought it in. We have been in business for 40 years and always stand behind the products we sell. This customer should have brought it in to be fixed, it would not have cost them anything.
Jeff (I am a Customer)
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Oct. 29, 2012
Stay a way.. I was told i needed a new engine on my 2005 king quad With only 200 hours on it.(for $1600.00 Be cause it was over heating.. I went and got a 2nd opinion on it,compression test was done and a scope was place in it (2nd dealer said it is fine just a clocked radiator..
The dealer has responded to this review:
May. 30, 2013
This machine had a snorkel kit on it and the air box was full of mud. The piston and cylinder were both bad and needed to be replaced.
Lisa DeHart (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 2  3
Aug. 31, 2012
I wouldn't let these guys fix a BICYCLE! But when it comes to having anything but a Honda fixed in Maine these goons are the only game in town.

Sometime mid May, 2012 I took an Italian Aprilla 50 cc scooter to Tri Sports in Topsham to be fixed. Most places have a 1 hour diagnostic fee. They had it 3 weeks and couldn't diagnose the problem, couldn't even tell me what it COULD BE. So they rebuilt the top half of the motor and charged me 325.00$. On June 12, 2012 after paying 325.00$ I got it back. It ran for about 4 weeks and the engine quit again. This time they said it was a spark plug wire, charged me 80.00$ and I picked it up on July 18. This time it didn't even make it home so they came and picked it up and took it back to their shop. Supposedly they have a 90 day warranty, but would not honor it because they said it was a different part of the engine that blew. The entire engine is the size of a pumpkin. They had it 3 weeks! Here's the best part. To fix it THIS time they said they would charge 800.00$. At this point I don't have a whole lot of confidence they even know what they are doing, I know they won't honor a warranty so there is no way I'm doing that. So on August 30, 2012 I bring a trailer to take it home and they start bringing it out in PIECES! I dropped off a whole scooter I want to take home a whole scooter I told them. TRI SPORTS "service" manager Brian didn't feel the need to honor enough of their 90 day warranty to put the damn thing back together after they COULDN'T FIX IT. That's right people reading this review, it is August 30, and my scooter apparently has been sitting in PIECES in this shop for the last 5 WEEKS! They say the reason it won't run is due to the part of the engine NOT under warranty, I can't be sure the reason it doesn't run is because they LOST SOMETHING OFF OF IT!
After waiting almost an hour, watching 3 TRI SPORTS employees sitting outside the empty "service" shop surfing computers and cell phones...ignoring me, I spoke to the owner . After defending his "service" manager Brian for having a bad day he FINALLY agreed to have it put back together, acknowledged that what the "service" manager Brian did was ludicrous, and had the scooter delivered to my house. Which to me is the very least they could do, and let's face it TRI SPORTS is gaining a solid reputation for doing THE VERY LEAST THEY CAN DO.
bill (I am a Customer)
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Jul. 10, 2012
What a great shop!!! They came and PICKED my bike up at my house and brought to Tri-Sports for it to be fixed. Everything was done under the estimate! They went over everything that needed to be done before they worked on anything. I am so glad I found this shop, I will never go anywhere else again!!
Justin (I am a Customer)
Helpful? 10  2
May. 12, 2012
I bought a new polaris here its less than a year old and i have a $1000 bill for shit i didn't want fixed i went in because i needed my Gage and my winch fixed (winch was under warranty for never working right) then i get that bill without permission to fix anything else i dont beat my four wheeler i trail ride i thought thats what you buy them for? Never go here unless you like getting ripped off

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