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    Arctic Cat has high hopes for its 2011 race sleds and the Minnesota-based manufacturer has announced its list of sponsored riders for the upcoming season.

    “We’ve put together what we believe is the best overall race program in the sport, comprised of the strongest racers, most experienced crews, top-level sponsors and a fleet of snowmobiles that proved to be the best last season, and that have been further improved for 2011,” says Mike Kloety, Team Arctic race manager. “I predict another record-breaking season.”

    Arctic Cat says it is committed to supporting top-tier and grassroots racers, circuits and disciplines for 2011.

    “We’re pumped up to have the very elite racers in a few circuits, because they’re great representatives who win the big events,” says Kloety. “Yet we’re equally proud of our regional racers, and those who compete in some of the less-publicized forms of racing.

    “Arctic Cat has always committed itself to racing success, on every level, in every form of competition and across North America. It’s in our blood, it’s who we are and it’s why we win more than our share.”


    Perhaps the biggest snocross news this year is Tucker Hibbert’s commitment to race the entire snocross season. The four-time and defending X Games champion and FIM World Snocross Champion won nine ISOC National finals last season aboard his Monster Energy Arctic Cat. He’s the hands-down favorite to add a couple of high-point championships to his resume this season.

    The Arctic Cat Factory Team will consist of second-year Pro Dan Ebert, who last season won the famed USCC I-500 cross-country and scored multiple podium finishes in snocross. He’ll be joined once again by Semi-Pro Cody Thomsen, who last season won several finals and finished second in points, and fellow Semi-Pro Kyle Pallin who also stood atop of the podium on multiple occasions last year. The factory team will once again be managed by Russ Ebert.

    Christian Bros. Racing (CBR) will field the largest private team in the industry. Pro riders will include perennial podium finishers Garth Kauffman and Ryan Simons, now joined by last year’s Semi Pro points champion, Logan Christian, who has made the jump to Pro. Zach Pattyn returns again in the Pro class, as will Cory Davis when he recovers from an off-season injury. And Carly Davis will compete in the Pro Women’s class at select events.

    The Sportech/Arctic Cat race team now includes Sweden’s top Pro, Johan Lidman, silver medalist in the FIM World Championships of snocross. He joins Semi-Pro Andrew Carlson for a potent combination in the top two classes.

    Arctic Cat is concentrating more effort and expertise on the east coast for 2011, with Green Mountain Racing (Matt Pichner, Emil Otteson, Chris Ackerman and Cody Flach) and CMT Racing (Corin Todd, Ash Waskob and Jesse Bonaduce) carrying the Team Arctic banner.

    All Terrain Cycle Racing is Team Arctic’s Canadian contingent, with Dustin Vandrie and Katejun Coonishish in the Pro class, Sean MaCauley and Shawn Elmhurst in Semi-Pro, Wakenda Peters in Pro Women, and Joe Peters in Junior.

    National Snocross

    Tucker Hibbert

    Ryan Simons

    Garth Kaufman

    Dan Ebert

    Cory Davis

    Zach Pattyn

    Logan Christian

    Cody Thomsen

    Kyle Pallin

    Johan Lidman

    Andrew Carlson

    Justin Steck

    Dusty Miller

    Jacob Blanshan

    Devin Bertoch

    Taylor Meuwissen

    Nick Patterson

    Frattalone Racing

    Canadian Snocross

    Dustin Vandrie

    Katejun Coonishish

    Sean MaCauley

    Shawn Elmhurst Wakenda Peters

    Joe Peters

    Kelly Boyd

    Lee Hastings

    Midwest Snocross

    Rau Racing

    Sticker Dude Racing

    Josh Zelenski

    Jonathan Schwantz

    Ryan McQuestion

    Peer Pressure Racing

    ECS Snocross

    Emil Otteson

    Matt Pichner

    Chris Ackerman

    Cody Flach

    Jason Boron

    Jake Lux

    Jesse Bonaduce

    Ash Waskob

    Corin Todd

    David Duchnik

    Jacob Phalen

    Kyle Becker

    KC Anderson

    Jarett Catlin

    MWR Snocross

    Wes Selby

    Zach Acord

    Willie Elam

    Pat McLam

    Tuffy McDonald


    Last season Arctic Cat fielded three different Pro class winners and complete domination of the Semi Pro and Sport classes.

    Flying the Christian Bros. Racing banner will be defending Pro 600 Champion Brian Dick (who won three races last season), defending Pro Open champ D.J. Ekre, plus the entire CBR snocross crew.

    Brothers MotorSports is back on green again this season, with Pro Ryan Huston, Ryan Greening in Semi Pro, and Coltan Vandeputte in the Sport 85 classes.

    Joining them will be several dozen racers in all USCC classes.

    Legendary Iron Dog champion Scott Davis is ready to team up with his son Cory to tackle Alaska’s famed cross-country event. They’ll be joined by Todd Palin/Eric Quam along with many other AC Teams in an attempt to notch Team Arctic’s 12th win out of 27 editions of the famed event.

    USCC Cross-Country

    DJ Ekre

    Brian Dick

    Chad & Cole Lian

    Ryan Houston

    Dave Dirkman

    Ryan Simons

    Logan Christian

    Zach Pattyn

    Garth Kauffman

    Jon Arneson

    Phil Storlie

    Arne Rantanen JR

    Cody Kallock

    Spencer Fett

    Ryan Greening

    Cole Nymann

    Mike Dirkman

    Adam Brandt

    Chris Sobeck

    Adam Mach

    Eric Bute

    Nathan Moritz

    Mark Arneson

    Bryce Buchanan

    Chris Klie

    Coltan Vandeputte

    Marty Feil

    Tim Kallock

    Jolene Bute

    Sasha Cook

    Austin Killham

    Bill Slominski

    Chris Hoff

    Cody Mathees

    Brian & Luke Perrault

    Max Dondelinger

    Brad Pecka

    Matt & Collin Austin

    Nathan Peters

    Taylor Mclean

    Ben & Brandon Langaas

    Dustin Grausam

    Paul & Kolin Heinen

    Larson Racing

    IronDog Cross-Country

    Scott Davis

    Cory Davis

    Eric Quam

    Todd Palin

    Trey West

    Micah Huss


    The successful crew of Team Arctic Hillclimb racers is back again on the slopes of Snow King in Jackson and every venue of the RMSHA mountain circuit. Families like the Tapios, Zollingers, Tuppers, Frisbys, Archibaulds and Frees are joined by Buckallew, McClure and others for a mountain-topping season aboard the M Series snowmobiles.

    RMSHA Hillclimb

    Team Tapio

    Zollinger Racing

    Todd Tupper

    Chance Buckallew

    David McClure

    Ty Free

    Shad Free

    Brent Cheeney

    Ben Adams

    Rob Kincaid

    Tony & Jan Ottobre

    Jeremy Archibald

    Cody Clawson

    Russell & Christy Frisby

    Jonathan & Dusty Hancy

    Rachel Humphery

    Justin Sampson

    Braiden Coleman

    Cody Swanson

    Matt Elliott

    Landon Archibald

    Lonnie Keller

    Sid Archibald

    Drag, Oval, Enduro and Watercross

    Last season Cadarette Racing’s Troy Dewald and Jeff Leuenberger put Arctic Cat atop the Soo 500 enduro for the first time in 42 years, breaking a hex that had jinxed the win on numerous previous occasions. It was a historic moment for the team and racers, and they’re back in 2011 to defend their win.

    In oval race, Team Arctic is represented by the always-amazing, three-time World Champion P.J. Wanderscheid, as well as the emerging and youthful powerhouse, Hoglund Racing.

    Team Arctic’s drag racing program continues to highlight the power of the 800 H.O. engine and the steadfast preparation of some of the sport’s best racers. Whether it’s setting world speed records aboard the Z1 Turbo, winning the biggest grass drag events or dominating the winter ice, names like Hall, Shilts, Howard and others remain the backbone of the team’s straight line effort.

    Drag Racing

    Gilland Racing

    Glenn Hall

    Kelly Shilts

    Craig Wyent

    Kerry Mcdonald

    Matt Lemire

    Denny Mousseau

    Jamie Edwards

    Billy Howard

    D&D Racing

    Ice Oval

    P.J. Wanderschied

    Hoglund Racing

    Water Cross

    Lindbeck Racing

    Enduro Racing

    Chris Ryan

    Caddarette Racing

    Lance Kalbfleisch

    Team Highland Racing

    Team Arctic’s Dedicated Sponsors

    Team Arctic’s success on and off the track is made possible in part because of the strong, loyal support of its sponsors, each of whom shares the same passion as our racers and Arctic Cat.

    For 2011, Team Arctic is grateful to announce the return of these great sponsors: Camoplast tracks, APV Synthetic Oil, Fox Racing Shox, Speedwerx, Renton Coil Springs (RCS), Moto Tassinari/VForce3, TEAM, Figgins Transport, Mitsuboshi drive belts, Stud Boy traction, C&A Ultra Pro skis, Smith Optics and Sportech.

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