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Michigan Snowmobile Trail Report: What Trails Are Open

What snowmobile trails are open in Michigan right now?

Avalanche Safety for Snowmobilers

How to stay as safe as possible in the steep and deep

Arctic Cat Surpises Sunshine Oelfke for her Humanity and Kindness

Last week I caught a heartwarming story from my friend Krista Maki-Zurn’s (IWA Champion) Facebook page....

Toy Haulers for Snowmobiles

How to choose the right toy hauler for your sled this winter

Tips & Tricks – Exhaust Spring Tool + Video

A homemade tool that makes removing exhaust springs easier

50 Years of Snowmobiling and Counting

Snowmobiling has changed. Snowmobiling hasn’t changed. It continues to evolve and has for my more...

Bridging The Gap

We don’t pretend to know how the sled makers think and how they plan to...

Quiz: Can You ID Sleds by their Features?

Vintage car guys can ID the year built of mid-1950s era Chevrolets simply by looking...

Rise of the Adventure Snowmobile

Polaris started it, this “adventure snowmobile” thing. We give Polaris the credit because it actually...

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