Snowmobiling offers challenges that other motorized sports don’t, especially when it comes to gear. When looking at helmets, we need something that provides the safety we must have for riding at higher speeds, often in tight trails, and with other riders close by. When you add in the cold, which can be extreme, well, it puts a lot of demands on what type of helmet we want to use. Modular snowmobile helmets offer safety, comfort and versatility that can make the ride more enjoyable. Here are five of the best modular snowmobile helmets that can make your riding adventure more fun.

FXR Maverick Modular Team Helmet


FXR is widely known for excellent products that enhance your enjoyment of the trails. The Maverick helmet is an extremely comfortable lid that offers everything you’d want in a modular snowmobile helmet. The shell is made from a lightweight, strong, advanced polymer alloy. The Maverick has an electric shield for anti-fog/frost capability. As with most all modular helmets, the chin bar lifts away, making it easier to chat or catch a sip of coffee along the trail during a break. The latch is easy to use with gloves on and is made from stainless steel for a secure lock when in use. This is one of our favorite modular snowmobile helmets.

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Castle X EXO-CX950 Electric Modular Snowmobile Helmet


The Castle helmet is, in a word, sweet! It has an advanced LG polycarbonate shell that was developed by Scorpion. It has an easy, flip-up chin bar and an electric, dual-pane lens. The ultra-wide eyeport allows a full field of vision and allows riders to wear most any prescription glasses. If you prefer not to use the visor, it can easily be removed. The helmet’s Kwikfit padding is antimicrobial and allows for a custom fit. There are ports for adding communication systems, too. The chin skirt and breath box are included and the lid has a five-year warranty. This is easily one of the best electric modular snowmobile helmets available.

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509 Delta R4 Ignite Helmet

delta-r4-ignite-helmet_Storm Chaser.02

If you want to talk innovation, you need to include 509 in the conversation. The Delta R4 Ignite helmet is a different take on a modular snowmobile helmet design and it flat works. It comes with the company’s Ignite dual-pane heating technology for clear, ice- and fog-free vision in sub-zero conditions. 509’s face shield is oversized for a maximum field of view. It flips up instantly with the push of the glove-friendly button. The helmet was designed for warmth and convenience and that includes 509’s climate control venting and their famous, glove-friendly Fidlock magnetic strap buckle. All these features, as well as being one of the best looking lids, makes the 509 one of the best modular snowmobile helmets on the market.

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Bell Helmets Revolver Evo

Bell We’ve always been somewhat partial to Bell Helmets due to the fit and quality. The company’s Revolver Evo is an electric modular snowmobile helmet that provides all-day comfort, no matter where you’re going, or what the winter weather has in store. The Revolver Evo Snow offers superior fit and comfort and features Bell’s adjustable Velocity Flow ventilation to help you regulate your temperture. Don’t let frost or fog worry you with the dual-layer electrically heated face shield with UV protection, removable breathbox, and a drop-down sunshield. Designed as a performance trail helmet., the Revolver Evo is a great snowmobile helmet for any use.

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Ski-Doo Oxygen Helmet


No talk of the best modular snowmobile helmets can really take place if it doesn’t include something from Ski-Doo. The Canadian snowmobile manufacturer also produces some of, if not the most advanced helmets on the market for riding in even the most extreme conditions. The newest, the Oxygen, is no exception. It has Ski-Doo’s M-FORGE Composite shell that is super light yet amazingly strong. The helmet it heated, so not only is clear vision assured, your overall comfort is too. This helmet has a wider field of vision than any other full-face modular snowmobile helmet. It also has a rear LED light for better trail visibility and an optional front LED work light for when you have to stop and check stuff on the trail. Regardless of what brand of sled you ride, this is a helmet you should look into.

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What Makes the Best Modular Snowmobile Helmet?

Above all, the most important factor for a helmet is comfort. It should still fit like a helmet should – snug – but it should be comfortable to wear. The next factor is quality. You want the helmet to do its singular job – keep you safe. If a helmet can’t provide a serious level of protection for your head, it’s not worth much. It’s for that reason that cost isn’t a factor in determining the best helmet for you. Wear the best helmet you can afford, but always wear a new helmet. Never buy a used one because you don’t know what it’s been through. Any helmet, no matter the cost, needs to be replaced if it’s ever been dropped or been in an accident.

What is the Difference Between a Motorcycle Helmet and a Snowmobile Helmet?

When looking at modular helmets, the only real differences are that motorcycle helmets don’t have the heated or dual-pane visors to deal with fog and frost. They also don’t often come with any sort of breath box to keep your face from freezing. Structurally, they’re the same, so if you have a good street helmet and want to wear it out riding the sled, you’re good to go. You just might get a little cold.

What is the Warmest Modular Snowmobile Helmet?

The most important factor with warmth and helmets is blocking the wind. You still need some ventilation for comfort, but if you can block the wind, you’ll be pretty warm in any helmet. Of course, from this list, the Ski-Doo Oxygen is going to be the warmest due to its overall design. But with any helmet, as long as your skin is covered, you should be pretty comfortable.

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