Chances are you didn’t catch it in the theater, but a movie involving snowmobilers and zombie Nazis was released this past June called “Dead Snow.” I can’t believe I just typed that sentence.

It seems a group of students decided to take a snowmobiling trip in the mountains of Norway. Unfortunately, this particular area is home to some fairly ornery zombie Nazis. Let the fun begin!

After watching the trailer, we’d probably call this flick a horror/dark comedy. Sure, the zombies might be scary, but the premise is so ridiculous it can’t help but be funny. The trailer shows a bit of snowmobile action, including a snowmobile outfitted with a World War II machine gun which is used to wreak havoc on the undead. Watch the trailer after the break. I don’t suspect we’ll see any Oscar nominations for Dead Snow, but whenever you combine snowmobiles and zombies it can’t be all bad…right?

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