We all know that snowmobiling has its dangers. Everything from mechanical failure to a negligent rider can ruin your day. However, when you’re happily cruising along the trails you probably aren’t expecting to collide with an owl. A Minnesota snowmobiler did just that on Saturday, Jan. 15.

According to a story in the Duluth News Tribune, 35-year-old Chris Hatfield was the last rider in a group of five friends when he says he saw something…after that everything went black. What he saw was a barred owl, which flew into the front of Hatfield’s helmet and knocked him right off his sled and out of consciousness.

“I woke up flat on my back on the trail staring at the stars,” Hatfield told the Duluth News Tribune. “The sled was about three feet away. There was a shape on the seat, and that was the owl.”