Drift Racing, one of the preeminent snowmobile racing teams, has introduced a line of 2-stroke snowmobile oil.

“Engineered for all 2-cycle snowmobile engines equipped with exhaust- and power-valves, the new Drift Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil from Drift Racing is a premium alternative for use when OEM oil isn’t an option,” Drift Racing says in a release. “The premium formulation of synthetic and mineral base stocks with special additives protects against varnish and deposit accumulation, keeping exhaust and power valves clean.”

Drift Synthetic Blend 2-Cycle Snowmobile Oil is recommended for use in all operating conditions, is optimized for cold-starting performance and promises to deliver excellent lubricity and wear protection.

For snowmobile engines not equipped with exhaust valves, Drift Racing says its Drift 2-Cycle Oil is formulated with premium mineral base stocks and proven additives that deliver excellent lubricity, wear protection and protection against rust and corrosion during periods of non-use.

Drift Synthetic Oil is available in quart and gallon containers with an MSRP of US$8.99/C$9.99 (quart) and US$34.99/C$39.99 (gallon).