Polaris snowmobile hillclimbers opened the 2015 Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Association (RMSHA) season in dominant fashion as they won nine of 12 Pro class titles, won two King of the Hill crowns, and earned 80% of the available podium spots on Feb. 13-14 at in Montpelier, Idaho.

Polaris racer Luke Rainey won three classes and reached the podium in all five classes in which he competed. Erin Beukelman and Keith Curtis won two classes apiece and both earned four podium spots.

Shelley Heap won three Women’s class titles and also raced to the Queen of the Hill title.

Rainey led the way for Polaris Pro-class racers as he won the 600 Stock, 700 Stock, and 800 Improved Stock classes, took second in 1000 Stock, and was third in 800 Stock. He finished second in the Improved Stock King of the Hill runs, and was third in the Stock King competition.

Beukelman reached the podium four times and won the 700 Mod and 1000 Improved Stock classes before winning the Improved Stock King of the Hill crown.

Curtis won the 800 Stock and 800 Modified classes as he reached the podium four times. He won the Modified King of the Hill crown and finished second in the Stock King of the Hill runs.

Justin Thomas won the 600 Mod class and earned three podium finishes, and Kyle Heap won the 700 Improved Stock class.

Three Polaris racers who each had a second- and third-place finish were Tyler Crockett, Dolan Phelps, and David Sharp, Jr.

Highlights for Polaris Pro Racers at RMSHA Round 1 • Won the 600, 700, and 800 Stock classes on virtually stock RMK PRO-RIDE sleds that deep snow riders can find at their Polaris dealers. • Swept the top nine spots in the 700 Mod class. • Finished 1-2-3-4-5 in 800 Improved Stock and 1000 Improved Stock. • Swept the top four spots in 700 Improved Stock. • Finished 1-2-3 in 600 Stock and 600 Mod.

Charles Lopeman won the Pro Masters Mod class, and three Polaris racers took second in Pro Masters classes: Dennis Durmas, Travis Spencer, and Tyson Thomas.

Tanner Meyers won the Semi-Pro Improved Stock class and won the Semi-Pro King of the Hill crown. Cody Bahny won Semi-Pro Stock was second in the King runs. Jason Fox took second in both the Semi-Pro Stock and Mod classes. Rayden Gladfelder won the Amateur Stock class.

The next event on the RMSHA schedule is the Afton, Wyoming, hillclimb, Feb.27-March 1.