We can’t believe anybody actually allowed it, but freestyle snowmobile champ Levi LaVallee ripped through the streets of Saint Paul, Minn. for an outstanding video produced by Red Bull.

The Minnesota native and 10 time X Games medalist hucked his snowmobile all over the capital city – from backflipping the overlook near the Capital Building to hitting high-speed distance jumps in the backstreets of Saint Paul. The video features over four minutes of urban freestyle heaven and is well worth checking out.

“As a kid, you’re always looking at things like ‘Oh, I could probably jump that,’ when you’re driving through a city. To be able to actually go do that, it was like a fairy tale,” said LaVallee. “There was quite a few high risk jumps out there. One that I was really nervous about to begin with was the bridge drop. That was scary, until I actually did it, then I realized it wasn’t so bad.”