Snowmobiles are all about having fun, right? Sure, you consider them a “toy” of sorts, but let’s face it – they’re an expensive toy. You want to make sure that your baby is taken care of, just in case anything should happen when you’re out and about in the snowy wilderness. And that’s why snowmobile insurance comes with a variety of coverages, including comprehensive.

So what’s the difference between collision and comprehensive coverage? Collision will cover you in the case of accidental loss or damage to your snowmobile due to a collision with an object or another snowmobile, or if your snowmobile is damaged in the event of a rollover. Comprehensive covers anything other than a collision loss. This can include vandalism, theft, fire, explosion, water or flood, contact with birds or animals, and damage from falling objects.

Protection From Snowmobile Thieves

When it comes to your snowmobile and comprehensive coverage, theft is probably your biggest worry. We know, it’s a horrible thing to think about – who would dare steal your pride and joy? But unpleasant as it is to think about, your snowmobile can easily be turned into a pile of parts and disappear forever. Apart from the frame and motor, there are no serial numbers to track. All you’ll have left are memories from a happier time. And if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you’ll be stuck with footing the bill to replace that snowmobile.

Depending on where you live and what insurance company you choose to go with, comprehensive coverage may or may not be required when you purchase snowmobile insurance. Be sure to speak with a powersport broker to weigh your options and choose the comprehensive coverage package that best suits your needs.