Arctic Cat unveiled an EFI-equipped ZR 6000R SX snocross race sled and a ZR 6000R XC cross-country sled at the 50th  Anniversary Sno Barons Hay Days.

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R SX

The new ZR 6000R SX is the first production snowmobile built for snocross competition featuring electronic fuel injection. It’s powered by a modified Arctic Cat 600 C-TEC engine that was co-developed for competition by Speedwerx. Other key improvements and features are aimed at defending its ISOC Pro Open and Pro Lite championship titles from last season.


  • Arctic Cat – electronic fuel injected race engine

– New intake flanges and air box assembly

– New T-map sensor (same as 600 C-TEC2)

– Speedwerx ported cylinder for increased rpm and improved performance

– New cylinder head profile for enhanced performance

– Modified 600 C-TEC2 throttle bodies (Speedwerx developed)

– New electrical harness and mounting

– New coil mounting bracket

– New engine mounting position

– New programmed ECU with new hot start function controls

– New coolant tank nipple and hose assembly

– Engine knock sensor (same as 600 C-TEC2)

– New exhaust system co-developed with Speedwerx

– New fuel tank with fuel pump assembly

– New voltage regulator

  • New lightweight vertical side spars for improved chain case durability
  • New cowl and windshield – improved windshield mounting
  • New rear spars for improved fit
  • New front exchanger – for engine mounting. All new engine mount plates
  • New intake boot – improved performance in G-outs
  • New torsion TSS-04 TEAM secondary for improved backshift
  • Added Power Sport gauge with hot start function indicator and other functions listed:

– Speed, rpm, speed, water temp, exhaust temp, voltage

  • New spindle machining for increased strength
  • New high-strength handlebar and grip (same as XC race)
  • Modified track for improved lug durability

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R SX Specs

Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R SX Specs

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R XC

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC Feature

Cross-country racers will pilot the new 2017 ZR 6000R XC production race sled, which features all-new Gen-II plastic bodywork; FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3-R coil-over ski shocks with Kashima coating; and other improvements. It’s powered by the Arctic Cat C-TEC2 600 DSI engine and contained by the ProCross chassis, a combination that captured five USXC championships last season, including Pro 600 and Pro Open.


  • Gen II body plastic with improved access, improved venting, and improved installation and removal
  • Rear tunnel cooling system

– Front and rear tunnel coolers are separated

– New tunnel assembly (required for new cooling system)

– Tunnel cooler with incorporated tunnel strip protectors

– New rear tunnel/stud protector kit

– New coolant fitting and hose assembly

  • Improved chain tensioner arm and pad for increased durability
  • Revised TEAM drive clutch hardware and components for improved durability
  • TEAM TSS-04 driven with torsion spring capable for improved backshift and performance
  • Revised pipe covers for improved heat retention
  • Seat base and mounting for improved attachment
  • Revised spindle machining for increased strength
  • New hand warmers for improved durability
  • Rear belt bag for increased storage
  • FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3-R Kashima coated, coil-over ski shocks
  • Arctic Cat built C-TEC2TM with dual stage injection and electronic oil pump
  • Procross chassis with additional reinforcements for the rigors of cross country racing
  • 43.5-in. wide Arctic Race Front Suspension
  • Stationary clutch guard with spare belt mounting
  • Offset ski spacers for adjustable ski stance
  • 2.86-in. pitch 8-tooth track drive shaft for added ground clearance
  • 2.86-in. pitch 129 in. x15 in. x1.25 in. Cobra track
  • Torque overload sensing (TOS) bottom chain sprocket for eliminating spike loads into the drivetrain
  • Borg Warner chain and sprockets for reduced stretch, lower friction, and increased strength
  • Revised chain case mounting and fasteners
  • Race-proven brake caliper and pads for improved wear and increased stopping power
  • Brake pads friction material has changed back to T-124 for increased pad life
  • High-grip seat cover with race comfort foam
  • Race-proven SLIDE-ACTION Rear SuspensionTM with 7-position rear coupling for a wide range of transfer control
  • Rail allows for additional mounting holes for front arm shock (ice racing)
  • Revised rear shock valving for improved handling and increased rebound control
  • Fully clipped Cobra track for improved ice racing performance
  • New ECM map for improved durability and performance
  • Lightweight exhaust system
  • New lightweight/high-strength handlebar for reduced weight

2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000R XC Specs

Arctic Cat ZR 6000 R XC Specs