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    As anybody who knows about snowmobiling will tell you, the network of groomed snowmobile trails is the backbone of the sport. Groomers, however, can be shockingly expensive and difficult for a small club to afford.

    We found one enterprising groomer who found a solution to this issue…by building his own groomer! The groomer in question posted a short video on YouTube showing his homemade contraption. We’re not sure who the inventor is or where his club is located, but our hats are off to him.

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    • Hello, I would like to know how that groomer was built, i used to sled alot in winter as a kid and i started making my own HAND groomer, it was a 6 foot wide 2/6 with a box in the middle for weight and a shovel handle in the middle to pull it, i started to make my trails loger every year for more fun, they were all woods trails, me ad my friends would use head lamps or mount flash lights to the front of our sleds and g sledding at night, felt like being on the vast trails, as i got older i kept thinking to myself “there has to be a way to make a groomer with a motor but small enought to fit on my trails, now see, my trails were over 2 miles long, and thats a long walk just to make my trails nice, so i found a (rear enging riding mower) and was going to mount tracks on the rims and skis up front and make a cab on it, but i need something bigger now because im 16 and im to big for sledding but would like to build a private snowmobile trail groomer or cross country ski trail groomer for inns and stuff. i saw the video of this groomer on youtube and i love it, its just the right size and everything, i just need help figuring out how to build it, or how to build one similar. can anyi=one help???

    • I would go to the snow grooming links website and click on grooming talk message board. there is alot of info about grooming on there plus the guy who built that groomer is a member and posted pictures and info on how he made it. good luck today I am building a drag to pull behind my snowmobile.

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