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    Polaris has launched a new (and free) app for the Apple iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets.

    Developed in partnership with Broadcast Weather, LLC, the Polaris Snow Trails app combines Weather Nation’s interactive weather services with Google-based maps to enhance the riding experience for snowmobilers.

    Polaris Sow Trails Features:
    - Display your current location
    - View maps of U.S. snowmobile trails
    - View snow cover, weather conditions and advisories for any U.S. location
    - Find and contact Polaris dealers
    - Local services search with integrated direct dialing, including gas stations, restaurants and lodgings
    - Save waypoints along your route
    - Track and save multiple snowmobile routes
    - Automatic map caching so maps can still be viewed while on the trail and outside of data coverage areas
    - Multitasking on iOS4 for route tracking in the background
    - Share saved routes to Twitter or Facebook
    - Export route data in GPX or CSV format

    Snow Trails for Android
    Snow Trails for iPhone

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