Snowmobile season is always shorter than you want it to be, but BRP has come up with a way to help you squeeze out every possible minute of fun with its integrated auxiliary lighting kit (US$299.99/C$344.99).

Using ten LED lamps, the auxiliary lighting kit provides for 2100 extra lumens to light up the trail in front of riders. Light is delivered to the trails in a super-wide fog light type pattern.

The kit is a true plug and play system on Ski-Doo REV-XS and REV-XM platform snowmobiles which are prewired to accept the lights. According to BRP, the attachment below the stock headlight is secure and delivers a smooth, naturally integrated look. The switch provided allows for OFF or ON with HIGH BEAM settings so riders can easily switch to extra light without removing their hand while riding. In addition, the benefit of using LED’s bring low maintenance, low power requirements, long life and great illumination to the package.

For more information, visit or check out your local Ski-Doo dealer.