2020 Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S

  • Year : 2020
  • Color : Gray/Yellow
  • Mileage : 82 Miles
  • Location : Big Bend, WI, US
  • Price : $ 10,999

Product Description


2020 Polaris 800 Rush Pro-S

Ultimate Cornering & Handling

Born to Lead

Ride confidently with the ultimate control and corner-to-corner quickness that only the Rider Balanced RUSH PRO-S can deliver. Turn the tightest corners into your victory lap, erase stutter bumps, grab the lead, and gain the edge you crave.

Features may include:

  • Rider Balanced Control

By placing the rider in the right location on the RUSH PRO-S, we've built a sled that corners flat without sacrificing the fun factor. Better control in big bumps and chatter bumps.

  • AXYS Chassis

The AXYS chassis design is the key to delivering rider balanced control through the right rider positioning and centralized vehicle mass. The rider's hand position is moved 4.5" forward, the feet position is 2" forward, the knee position is 4.5" forward, and the seat is 4.5" forward. This means more bite for flatter cornering when in the neutral riding position and a lighter front end for climbing on top of the snow or the moguls when the rider shifts to the back of the sled.

  • PRO-XC Rear Suspension

The PRO-XC progressive-rate rear suspension is optimized for the best performance and control. Through innovative Polaris engineering, the suspension is both lighter and stronger. The front torque arm is rearward to control pitch, increase travel, and improve the rail profile.

  • Active Pitch Control

The PRO-XC suspension delivers Active Pitch Control which controls the pitch by suspension geometry and not simply by a high spring rate. This makes the sled less sensitive to adjustment while allowing optimal weight transfer.

  • Unrivaled Acceleration

When developing the AXYS platform, our engineers minimized weight throughout the sled without compromising strength. Combined with powerful engines and class-leading power-to-weight ratios, the RUSH PRO-S is the ultimate in corner-to-corner quickness.

  • Lightweight Design

When developing the AXYS platform, our engineers minimized weight throughout the sled without compromising strength or durability.

  • Liberty Engine Choices for Every Rider

Built to integrate seamlessly with the lightweight and agile Polaris chassis, Liberty engines feature class-leading power-to-weight ratios and set a new benchmark for ultimate performance with our complete line-up of powerful options.

  • AXYS Performance Seat

The high-performance seat foam and narrow front design of the AXYS Performance seat delivers greater maneuverability. It's lighter without compromising comfort, offers improved ergonomics and stability, and its gripper top material helps keep the rider in place.

  • Polaris MessageCenter Gauge

    Keeps a rider aware of sled operating conditions and other important information. Large buttons can be operated with gloved hands and the brightly lit display is easily readable in all light conditions.

    • Polaris Interactive Digital Display

    This exclusive and industry-leading full color display provides important information and capabilities to the rider such as: sled performance, Bluetooth, GPS mapping, Clock, and LH Control. This gauge comes as an option on some models and is also available as an accessory.

    • Left-Hand Controls

    The left-hand controls feature improved ergonomics and enhanced hand and thumb warmer controls which are easily operated with gloves on.

    • 800 Cleanfire H.O. Engine
    • PRO-XC Rear Suspension
    • Track Options: 15 x 120 x 1.25 Ice Ripper XT / 15 x 120 x 1.35 Cobra / 15 x 120 x 1.5 Storm 150
    • Shock Options: Walker Evans Piggyback Needle or Hi-Lo Comp. Adj.
    • Race-Proven Independent Front Suspension

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Company Profile

Road Track and Trail

  • Contact Name Sales Department
  • Tel 262-662-1500
  • Fax 262-662-2009
  • Address W228 - S6932 Enterprise Drive
  • City Big Bend
  • State Wisconsin
  • Country United States
  • ZIP/Postal Code 53103

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