2015 Yamaha RS Venture GT SOLD

  • Year : 2015
  • Color : BLACK RED
  • Mileage : 11,302 Miles
  • Location : Big Bend, WI, US
  • Price : $ 4,999

Product Description


2015 Yamaha RS Venture GT

Still the benchmark for 2-up touring, with EPS.

Standard Features May Include:

  • 3-Cylin der Mid Performance engine

Our Genesis Mid Performance engine is the next generation of trail cruising powerplants. Designed from the start to be the ultimate trail engine package, this Mid Performance engine delivers simplicity, fuel economy and great performance. The advanced fuel injection system automatically keeps it running at maximum output and fuel efficiency for the conditions.

  • Advanced fuel injection

The Genesis Mid Performance engine uses Yamahas advanced fuel injection system to control fuel flow to the engine. Consumers enjoy the engines hassle-free, spot-on performance and throttle response as a result of the advanced electronic fuel injection system.

  • Engine Braking Reduction System

The Genesis Mid Performance engine features the unique Engine Braking Reduction System. The system allows a small amount of air to pass through the fuel injection system when the throttle is released, giving riders a smooth coast feeling.

  • Electric Power Steering

Industry-first electric power steering system is velocity sensitive, delivering maximum assist up to trail speed, and gradually tapering off from there. Youll love the EPS system because it helps isolate the rider from uncomfortable trail feedback, eases the effort required to move the bars, and provides excellent handling and predictability.

  • Tuner dual-keel ski

The all-new Tuner dual-keel ski greatly contributes to the RS Venture GTs trail character. The dual keels keep the ski tracking straight and true down the trail, eliminating nosiness and darting. Each keel has its own wearbar, and Yamaha has four different bar configurations to choose from, which means you can tune your sled's cornering bite and steering effort to suit your personal preference.

  • Comfortable rider-forward position

The primary design objective of the RS Venture GTs chassis was to create a comfortable rider-forward posture. The ergonomic treatment is achieved by locating the handlebars and seated position high and forward on the chassis. With this positioning, the rider can go from sitting to standing and back again easily and comfortably. It also further centralizes the combined mass of sled and driver, for razor-sharp handling.

  • ProComfort CK rear suspension

The ProComfort CK rear suspension is designed to deliver a very plush ride with great anti-bottoming performance. The skid carries a high-tech 40mm HPG clicker shock on the rear arm for simple adjustability from one rider to two.

  • Wheels with removable bearings

Replaceable bearing wheels make maintenance easy and cheap, while the 6 spoke design adds to the visual appeal of the already stylish RS Venture GT. This design is implemented on all rear wheels.

  • Fully adjustable backrest

The backrest on the RS Venture GT is fully adjustable. A simple lever release allows you to move the whole backrest forward or rearward for solo or two-up riding. It also has a rotational adjustment to set the cushion for personalized comfort. In addition to the backrests adjustability, the passengers heated grips offer two height options for a comfortable ride.

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Company Profile

Road Track and Trail

  • Contact Name Sales Department
  • Tel 262-662-1500
  • Fax 262-662-2009
  • Address W228 - S6932 Enterprise Drive
  • City Big Bend
  • State Wisconsin
  • Country United States
  • ZIP/Postal Code 53103
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