We’ve had a chance to put the Klim Adrenaline GTX Boots through the ringer and wanted to share our opinions with you.

Boots are so important for a great day of riding. Comfort, manuverableility, warmth, and dryness are something all snowmobilers are looking for in a boot. We wanted to see if the Klim Adrenaline GTX boots were up to the task.

Klim’s boot technology and their ultimate comfort were only stories I had heard from other snowmobilers.  After a lifetime of wearing numerous other brands, including non-snowmobile specific brands, I finally got the chance to try a pair of Klim boots.  For me they lived up to their hype.

When I first put on the Klim Adrenaline GTX boots they felt small. They felt more like late fall hunting boots than snowmobile boots. Immediately walking around in them felt odd because they didn’t feel large and bulky, and the tall ankle support was very comfortable and even allowed me to pivot on a carpeted floor. At this point I believed in the comfort, but would they really be warm?

Klim Adrenalinie GTX Sole

Aggressive and durable soles are a must.

We hit the trails that day and I was riding a 2016 Ski-Doo Renegade XRS. Within the first few minutes of leaving the lodge I was impressed by the increased movement I had available to me in the foot wells. Compared to my other Snocross based boots, this Klim boot is more rounded and sleek versus square and bulky, likely because it doesn’t require a liner.  This allowed me to move around more quickly and precisely and I felt more comfortable than ever on the Renegade’s aggressive runningboards.

Klim Adrenalinie GTX Action

The boots provided great feedback on the runningboards of our test sled.

So, are they warm? The way I describe these boots is that my feet were never cold or hot. Instead I experienced what I can only describe as a normal foot temperature.  This feeling must be from Klim’s use of genuine GORE-TEX breathable membrane and 3M Thinsulate insulation.

Klim Adrenalinie GTX Detail

The genuine GORE-TEX breathable membrane and 3M Thinsulate work very well at keeping feet warm and dry.

What would I change about the Klim Adrenaline GTX boot? The thin removable inner sole bunches up sometimes when I insert my foot.  My boots have laces and I sure wish I had the Boa lacing system again. The BOA system model offers dual adjustable lacing dials (lower and upper) that allow for even distribution of the lace pressure on your foot and ankle, and the quick release function allows you to remove your boots quickly.

Other Highlights:

  • Optional BOA model (highly recommended)
  • Aggressive and durable sole that flexes very nicely
  • Exceptionally water proof in slush/wet conditions
  • Quality laces
  • D-ring to attach bib/snow pants to is amazing when walking in deep snow (not shown in all the pictures I provided but is on all new boots)
  • Prices start at $191.99

Without a doubt these are a great pair of boots.

To compare all of Klim’s Men and Women’s boots, visit Klim.com.