If you are looking at picking up a new pair of FXR snowmobile boots, make sure you get the right ones for the type of riding you normally do.

No snowmobiler ever wants wet, cold or cramped toes. It can ruin a day of riding, and make for a not so happy camper on the trails, mountains or wherever you ride. That’s why it’s so important to find the type of snowmobile boot that is best for you. One of the most popular snowmobile boot brands is FXR and this guide will help you find the right FXR snowmobile boots for your needs.

The type of boot you need really depends on what riding you are doing. Choose a stiffer boot for increased stability (usually with mountain or backcountry riding) where you are more active as compared to sitting and riding on a trail. For trail riding up north where temperatures dip well below freezing, you want something that is obviously warm and going to keep your toes cozy. These five FXR snowmobile boots offer options for just about any rider.

FXR X-Cross Pro

FXR Snowmobile Boots X-Cross Pro

The FXR X-Cross Pro is a great all around boot. Insulated at 600 grams (rated for moderate activity), this boot should keep you warm in -40 degree temperatures. It’s rated a 5 for stiffness, meaning it’s right in the middle and should be good for a variety of activity. However, if you’re a mountain riding junkie or somebody who is very active on a sled, you may want to look into something that’s a bit higher in terms of stiffness rating. A BOA single M3 reel makes these FXR snowmobiling boots super easy to put on and tighten up.

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FXR Backshift BOA

FXR Snowmobile Boots Backshift BOA

Touted as FXR’s warmest boot, The Backshift Boa is insulated at 1200 grams, keeping your toes toasty until -75 degrees. It’s rated a 7 in terms of stiffness, and is great for trail riding in cold temperatures. It comes with a BOA single H3 coiler reel to make tightening your boot easy, however these boots are also made with laces if the BOA system isn’t your thing. Additional heel support helps with clearing of ice and snow from the tread and running boards of your sled.

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FXR Elevation Lite Dual Zone BOA Boot

FXR Snowmobile Boots Elevation Lite Dual Zone BOA

The FXR Elevation is a solid mid-grade boot that is rated up to -50 degrees and has 700 grams of insulation built into it. Add in the BOA dual zone tensioning system, and H3 tongue & remote reels and you have optimal adjustment with this boot. It has a molded tongue insert and heel flex insert for additional flex and impact support. Plus, these FXR snowmobile boots come in high viz yellow and grey to match that epic wrap on your sled!

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FXR X-Cross Speed Boot

FXR Snowmobile Boots X-Cross Speed

The FXR X-Cross Speed is similar to the X-Cross Pro; the primary difference here is that this boot is made with sewn-in molded speed lace hooks for quick tie-up and release. In addition, this boot is lighter, but still rated for the same -40 degree weather, and level 5 in terms of stiffness. These boots come with a fixed faux fur lining, and BTO thermostatic midsole insert.

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FXR Helium Lite Speed Boot

FXR Snowmobile Boots Helium Lite Speed

These FXR snowmobile boots are new to the brand’s lineup. Built for versatility, they are lightweight and have features that are perfect for both mountain and trail riding. Rated at 800 grams, for -60 degree temperatures, and a 6 for stiffness level, these boots are super flexible and offer the support riders need. This boot comes with the single anti-slip lace system, though it is also available with a BOA lace system if preferred. For even more support, FXR makes the Helium style boot in a pro version with a stiffness rating of 9, which should be plenty for any hardcore backcountry rider.

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FXR Women’s Snowmobile Boots

FXR Women's Boots

Women snowmobilers also need to keep their feet warm, dry and secure and FXR addresses that by making women’s sizes across its lineup of snowmobiling boots. That means women can wear any of the boots listed here, or any number of others. If women’s sizing isn’t listed, no need to worry. There is typically a two-size difference between women’s snowmobile boots and men’s, so if you see a men’s size 8, that would be a women’s size 10. Likewise, if you see a men’s size 6, that would be a women’s size 8.

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