The 2020 Ski-Doo lineup has been unveiled and the Expedition family of snowmobiles sees the biggest benefit thanks to the adoption of the REV Gen4 platform.

Of course, Ski-Doo has much more to offer for 2020, including the new Summit X Expert Package, Backcountry X-RS with new 154-inch track length option, and new digital gauge cluster.

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme Action

Ski-Doo attempts to further blur the line between Sport and Utility with the revamped Expedition lineup, which now boasts the REV Gen4 platform seen on other premium Ski-Doo sleds – this time with the ability to accommodate 20-inch wide tracks.

“This latest proliferation of the 4th generation of the REV platform drives function, comfort and versatility to a new level in the growing subcategories of the utility market,” Ski-Doo says in a release. “Drawing on inspiration from Ski-Doo’s performance oriented lineup of Renegade sleds, the open cockpit lets a rider instantly react as they interpret the terrain.”

Beyond the new chassis, Expedition sleds are equipped with six different engine options: the 850 E-TEC, 600R E-TEC, and 550 Fan 2-stroke engines, along with 900 ACT Turbo, 900 ACE naturally aspirated, and 600 ACE 4-stroke engines.

Along with the six engine options, Ski-Doo is offering a variety of different Expedition packages for 2020

Expedition Xtreme

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Xtreme Studio

Featuring the REV Gen4 platform, Ski-Doo calls the Expedition Xtreme the ultimate performance sport-utility vehicle. It boasts a large 20x154x1.8-inch Cobra WT track, RAS 3 front suspension, Pilot DS 3 skis, adjustable ski stance (38.4-40.1”), SC-5U rear suspension built for deep snow, KYB HPG Plus front and center shocks, and KYB Pro 36 R rear shock. As for power, the Expedition Xtreme is equipped with the 165-horsepower 850 E-TEC engine.

Expedition SE

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition SE

Available only as a spring order model, this touring-focused Sport-Utility sled also features the REV Gen4 platform and boasts a huge list of luxury features like a 20x154x1.8-inch Cobra track, LinQ Utility Cargo Box, Multi-LinQ Plate, hitch receiver cable of 1,500-pound loads, adjustable riser, adjustable ski-stance, new H-L-N multi-gear ratio, removable 2-up seat, RAS 3 front suspension, SC-5U rear suspension, and motion control HPG shocks. Buyers can choose between three engines (600R E-TEC, 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo).

Expedition LE

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition LE

Ski-Doo calls this a hybrid Touring-Utility snowmobile. Features include the REV Gen4 platform, Multi-LinQ plate, standard rear cargo rack, RAS 3 front suspension, SC-5U rear suspension, Motion Control HPG shocks, 20x154x1.5-inch Silent Cobra WT track, and 2-up removable seat. Engine options include Rotax 600 E-TEC, ACE 900, and ACE 900 Turbo.

Expedition SWT

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition SWT

Ski-Doo’s deep snow Utility vehicle, the SWT offers “unmatched floatation” and a host of Utility-specific features based on the REV XU platform. Features include a massive 24x156x1.25-inch track, RAS 2 front suspension, SC-5U rear suspension, Motion Control front and center shocks, KYB high pressure gas rear shock, straight handlebar with grab strap, Pilot DS 2 skis, and 1,100-pound hitch. The only available engine is the naturally aspirated Rotax 900 ACE.

Expedition Sport

2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Sport

The Sport is actually two different packages. One has the REV Gen4 platform and is ready for 1- or 2-up trail rides. The second uses the REV-XP platform. Should you opt for the REV Gen4 option, you can choose between the Rotax 900 ACE and 600 ACE engines, while the REV-XP houses the 2-stroke 550 fan-cooled engine.

2020 Ski-Doo Summit X Expert Package

2020 Ski-Doo Summit X Expert Package Action

Available only as a spring order, the Summit X Expert Package was created largely from the feedback of Ski-Doo’s brand ambassadors and backcountry riders.

Features specific to the Expert Package include stiffer KYB shocks with lightweight springs on the tMotion rear and RAS 3 front suspensions. The front KYB HPG Plus shocks also boast Kashima coating. The front end also benefits from a revised lightweight ski spindle with a new ski stopper for what Ski-Doo calls “improved handling in technical terrain.”

In the rear, the tMotion gets the exclusive Adjustable Limiter Strap, which allows riders to adjust the limiter strap length by flipping a lever to tweak the sled’s dynamic behavior.

2020 Ski-Doo Summit X Expert Package Orange

Other Expert Package features include a lightweight fender (in place of a snow flap), tapered and smaller diameter handlebar, new grips, and flexible handguards.

Of course, this sled is equipped with the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine and is available with either the 154 or 165-inch tracks with 3.0-inch lugs, high-altitude or sea-level calibration and the awesome SHOT starter system.

The Summit family will also include the regular Summit X (Spring order only), Summit SP and Summit Sport.

2020 Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS 154

2020 Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS 154 Action

Ski-Doo’s 50/50 crossover, the Backcountry X-RS (REV Gen4 and Rotax 850 E-TEC), returns for 2020 with a new track option. The 15x146x1.6-inch Cobra track is still available, but brand new to this sled is a 15x154x2.0-inch PowderMax track for better performance in deep snow.

If you opt for the PowderMax track, the Backcountry X-RS will come with a new drive belt that is designed with a new PBO material for enhanced durability in deep snow.

2020 Ski-Doo Backcountry X-RS 154 Track

You can pick up the Backcountry X-RS in two different color options. Black, and the sexy looking Ultimate Lava Red/White.

Other Backcountry options for 2020 include the Backcountry X with the Rotax 850 E-TEC engine (Spring order only) and the base Backcountry with either the 850 E-TEC or 600R E-TEC engine options.

New Digital Gauges

2020 Ski-Doo Digital Gauges

Ski-Doo has a pair of new digital gauge clusters available for REV Gen4 trail, crossover, touring and utility snowmobiles.

The new 4.5-inch and 7.2-inch wide gauges benefit from a fully backlit display. Sleds with the 7.2-inch version have the added benefit of a display that automatically adjusts to ambient light. Both offer a flatter viewing angle and are fully customizable so riders can select the information that is important to them.