Performing regular maintenance on your snowmobile greatly increases your odds of having a safe, enjoyable, and fun riding season. Raise your hand if you enjoy being towed home….we didn’t think so. Chaincase maintenance can play a big factor in avoiding the tow rope, here’s why.

Your clutches and belt transfer the torque and horsepower of your motor to the jackshaft. Next, your jackshaft transfers that torque/hp to your driveshaft and track through a system of gear/s and chain, called your chaincase. Beyond a chaincase failure, if these components are not in working order, they could create excessive drag. Excessive drag could overheat your motor, or overheat your clutches leading to damaged or blown belts, and yes, detonate (lean-out) and damage your motor. And we all know that when chaincase components fail it’s often catastrophic, could ruin your season, and can be very expensive to repair.

Today for our “Tips & Tricks” video series we’re offering a little help on servicing your chaincase, and yes, we consider this an annual service on our own personal units because we’re hard on them.  This video is very “generic” as there are many more chaincase systems or types, but what we hope is that you will learn some of the basics from us. Even if you’ll never attempt a chaincase service yourself, we hope this could help you work with a great service provider.

We hope you have a safe, reliable, and fun trail riding season!