The 2021 Yamaha snowmobile lineup has been unveiled and it includes a bombshell – a 794cc two-stroke engine and Yamaha Mountain Max mountain sled.

It’s been an awfully long time since we’ve seen a two-stroke snowmobile engine from Yamaha for the North American market, but that changes for the 2021 model year. A lack of a two-stroke powerplant hurt Yamaha in the deep powder segment in previous years. But Yamaha is back and ready to take on the mountains with three new models for 2021.

2021 Yamaha Mountain Max LE

2021 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 165 2

Highlighting Yamaha’s snowmobile lineup for 2021 is the brand new Yamaha Mountain Max LE, available in both 154 and 165 track lengths.

Both Mountain Max sleds rely on the 794cc two-stroke engine. This engine features an electronic control module that electronically controls the fuel and oil injection, while the three-stage auxiliary exhaust port power-valves controls the gas flow through a tuned pipe with a stainless exhaust collector and silencer.

Also common to both 2021 Yamaha Mountain Max offerings is a single-beam suspension with a single pivot at the midpoint of the single rail. The Mountain Max LE 154 boasts 14 inches of rear suspension travel, while the Mountain Max LE 165 offers up 15 inches of travel.

2021 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154

As you may have figured out by now, the two Mountain Max sleds are essentially Yamaha versions of the Arctic Cat Alpha One models. Arctic Cat and Yamaha have been sharing engine and chassis technology for the past several years and it was only natural that Yamaha would be interested in using this partnership for a mountain offering.

Yamaha Mountain Max LE 154 Yamaha Mountain Max LE 165
Engine 2-Stroke / 794cc 2-Stroke / 794cc
Clutch/Transmision TEAM TEAM
Track 15″ x 154″ x 2.6″ Power Claw 15″ x 165″ x 3″ Power Claw
Front Suspension Independent, Double Wishbone Independent, Double Wishbone
Front Shocks / Travel Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 / 7″ Fox 1.5 Zero QS3 / 7″
Rear Suspension Mountain Single Beam Mountain Single Beam
Rear Shock / Travel Fox 2.0 Zero QS3L / 14″ Fox 2.0 Zero QS3L / 15″
Skis / Ski Stance Yamaha Mountain Skis / 36″ Yamaha Mountain Skis / 36″

2021 Yamaha SX Venom

2021 Yamaha Mountain SX Venom Studio

A final deep powder offering is the new Yamaha SX Venom Mountain, which features a 397cc fuel-injected two-stroke engine of its own.

This is Yamaha’s version of the Arctic Cat Blast, which was unveiled a few weeks back. This is a mid-size snowmobile and features a lightweight alloy chassis, digital gauge, mountain single-beam suspension, 146” x 2” Challenger track, and CVTech drive system.

Other features include electric start, 4-inch race screen, handlebar and thumb warmers, push-button reverse, and twin tube shocks controlling 8.3 inches of travel up front and 12 inches of travel in the rear.

2021 Yamaha Mountain SX Venom Action