Recently we received an update from Premier Recreational Products Corporation’s president, Chris Bell, concerning our ‘question & answer’ article with him. He objects to the ‘Editor’s Note’ comment which stated that his products were being built in a Chinese manufacturer’s factory.

In his email to us, Mr. Bell states: “This last sentence is no longer accurate, and was not accurate at the time of our story. We have globally-sourced parts and components, including US domestic content in our Enforcer models. As I stated in the Q & A, final assembly is being conducted by us in-house. I appreciated your interest in Premier, but I asked and I am asking again for you to remove this inaccurate statement. You took a statement I made from months before on a thread, and added it to a conversation in December without asking me about the past statement, or if it was still relevant (which it no longer was).

“I will again remind you of what I stated in our session, which was at the time and still is today the accurate process we have in place for production:

“I have also assembled a creative team lead by Michael Cousineau, and he is able to bring my ideas to reality. Once we have achieved our goals we scan it into the computer for our drawings. So everything is conceived here, designed here, prototyped here and then sent to our suppliers for mass production of the specific parts. The final production assembly is completed here using a ‘Team Build Concept’ much like how Rolls Royce and other high-end companies assemble their products. We felt this was a better way for Premier, as this process is less mundane than standard assembly-line production, and also instills a greater sense of accomplishment to the build team.”

If you would like to explore the latest Enforcer snowmobile information, you can contact the company as follows:

Premier Recreational Products Corp. 10051 E. Highland Rd. – Suite 29-203 Howell, Michigan 48843 Phone:   (248) 417-0529 Website:

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