We’ve been wearing Fly Racing Title gloves for several seasons now and wanted to share our long-term impressions.

Gloves are so integral to a great day of riding. The temperature of your hands often affects your body temperature. Choosing gloves for the weather and your riding style is key.

Fly Racing Title Gloves Pair

For trail riding I normally carry three pairs of gloves for daily weather changes; a cold weather glove, a medium weight glove, and a thin motocross style if it’s warm or I’m going to ride off trail. This is the second time I’ve purchased Fly Racing Title gloves as my medium weight choice. My first pair lasted so long I turned them into work gloves and finally had to force myself to throw them out when I burnt a hole in them. I bought Fly Racing’s newest Title offering in 2015.

This is a motocross-style glove designed specifically for cold weather riding. It incorporates HIPORA technology that FLY claims is waterproof, windproof, and has a breathable membrane. They also have a Thinsulate insulated top and non-insulated palms.  This combination works well for me from 5 to 32-degrees Fahrenheit, or even colder if I’m riding a sled with excellent wind protection and a hand warmer setup.

Fly Racing Title Gloves Hipora Thins Tags

The silicone gripper palm and fingers of the Fly Racing Title gloves allow you to grip lightly with your hands in an optimal position and the silicone sticks well on the throttle and brake levers. The thumb’s stretch panel improves mobility and increases durability in a spot where gloves often begin to tear. The lens wiper comes in handy as well. Something that isn’t mentioned on Fly’s website and I look for in a glove, is that the inner liner is sewn to the outer liner.  This means the inner liner is always in place and never pulls out if you ride hard and your hands sweat.

Fly Racing Title Gloves Palms

Fly Racing Title Gloves Thumb Stretch Panel

Fly Racing Title Gloves Lens Wiper

That being said, I have found my hands do get wet in these gloves once in a while. My 40-year-old memory won’t recall the specifics, but I feel it happened when I should have been wearing a lighter glove or there were times when I got stuck in wet conditions and had to change gloves. Let’s call that rider error.

My belief is the pair of gloves reviewed today are the 2014 or 2015 version and still appear available for purchase on some websites. Fly still produces the Title glove and has continued to develop it, now including touch screen technology. This is a glove that will always make its way onto my gear list and it’s the pair that I wear most often.

Fly Racing Title Gloves Tag

To shop for Fly Racing Title Gloves or other Fly Racing snow gear, or to find a dealer, check out FLY’s website.