You’ve just spent a wad of cash on that sweet snowmobile. Now you’re looking to see where you can save a few bucks. While we don’t recommend going with the cheapest snowmobile insurance rates, there are ways you can reduce your snowmobile insurance premiums. Since there are a few things that determine your insurance premiums, we’ve put together six smart tips you may be able to use to reduce your insurance price:

1. Be smart and safe: It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement… and that’s when you tend to do something stupid. And if you get caught doing something stupid and get a ticket, it will increase your insurance rates. If you drive safe consistently, you’ll see your snowmobile insurance premiums fall.

2. Reporting claims: If something small happens to your snowmobile, sometimes it is best not to make a claim and just cover it out of pocket. Depending on your policy, if you make multiple claims, your premium can go up.

3. More insurable items equal more savings: Where are your home and car insured? Give them a call and see if they offer snowmobile insurance too. Since you already have a policy, they may give you a discount for insuring multiple items. If you’d rather go with a powersports broker and have a few snowmobiles or other toys you’d like to insure, see if you can cut your premiums by putting them all on the same policy.

4. Don’t go sporty: Yeah, we know you look so cool on that sporty snowmobile model, but insurance companies charge more for them. If you’re really trying to save money on snowmobile insurance, perhaps that 160-horsepower sled isn’t the right way to go.

5. Storing your snowmobile: If you love your snowmobile (and we know you do), you should be storing it in a safe, enclosed space.