Snowmobile balaclavas pair perfectly with your helmet to keep you (and your head) warm on the trail. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which one to go with?

We’ve got you covered there with our buyer’s guide to the best snowmobile balaclavas. Here, you’ll find balaclavas from the top brands in the industry. So with that, let’s jump right in.

1. Editor’s Choice: KLIM Arctic Balaclava

Alpinestars Winter Touring Balaclava

When it comes to cold weather gear, Klim is one of the best brands you can buy and their Arctic snowmobile Balaclava is one of the best that money can buy. Available in four different colors (stitching) this snowmobile face mask is windproof, waterproof, and features a fleece liner for increased warmth and wind resistance. To ensure that you don’t have cold air creeping in under your gear, the large gaiter provides plenty of coverage from your neck down, and a silicon grip pad keeps it comfortably tucked into your gear. To ensure the fit is comfortable for virtually every head shape and size, the Klim Arctic features a 4-way lycra back and stretch binding around the face. When it comes to warmth and comfort, you can’t ask for much more than this and that is why it is at the top of our list.

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2. Best Lightweight Balaclava: Castle X Thermatex Balaclava

Castle-X Deflector Balaclava

Castle X has its own line of snowmobile balaclavas and one of our favorites is the Thermatex balaclava.

While not the warmest snowmobile balaclava on our list, it is perfect to help keep the chill off your head when temperatures are mild. Constructed from a very breathable polyester fabric, this budget friendly balaclava provides excellent thermal insulation and moisture wicking to keep you comfortable while enjoying a day out in the snow. The choice of fabric is also extremely soft for a comfortable fit and allows it to quickly dry to keep you warm. One size fits most, so it’s a great option to keep handy for those warmer days in the cool stuff.

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3. FXR Shredder Tech

FXR Shredder Tech Balaclava

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly approach to staying warm, you’ll want to consider the FXR Shredder Tech balaclava.

Thanks to FXR’s proprietary wind-stop system, you get comfy four-way stretch mapping that prevents the cold from getting under your helmet. And if you already own FXR’s Cold-Stop Anti-Fog masks or helmets, the Shredder Tech balaclava is specifically designed to accommodate them.

Although this FXR snowmobile balaclava doesn’t have a large wind skirt, its lengthy neck does a fine job of stopping unwanted outside air and snow from finding its way in.

If you wear goggles or glasses, you’ll appreciate the eye-link that prevents the eye-port from stretching. This serves to provide greater longevity and lasting performance.

Material-wise, FXR opted for an ultra-lightweight brushed inner made of polyester-spandex. In doing so, you can look forward to both a great fit and protection from chilly temperatures.

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4. FXR Black-Ops Elite

FXR Black Ops Elite

Whereas the Shredder Tech is FXR’s affordable snowmobile balaclava, the FXR Black-Ops is the brand’s premium offering.

The Black-Ops comes with a wide chest and shoulder area to prevent the wind and cold from reaching you. As well, the four-way stretch mapped, wind-stop system is designed to block wind and dramatically reduce the chance of frostbite in critical areas that other snowmobile balaclavas can miss.

According to FXR, the Black-Ops is designed for moderate to extreme cold weather riding. It comes with a gusseted rear zipper that opens large for easy on and off, while a neoprene nose mask helps redirect your breath to prevent fogging.

Other features include laser-cut breath holes under the neoprene nose mask and mid-weight lycra banding at the top of the head running down the neck for improved fit and breathability.

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5. 509 Heavyweight Pro

509 Heavyweight Pro Balaclava

Industry mainstay 509 enters the fray with its Heavyweight Pro snowmobile balaclava – designed for extreme cold riding conditions and to be used instead of a helmet breath box.

Features include breathable vent panels around the mouth to reduce fogging, moldable metal nose piece for a perfect fit, and technical windproof front paneling material to keep the cold air out.

509 also added a longer cut for added protection for your neck and a downward breath deflecting design to help keep your visor or goggles from fogging up. It also comes with a hinged panel design that lets you wear it over or under your mouth.

509 makes several different snowmobile balaclavas, but the Heavyweight Pro is the one you want when the temperatures really start to drop.

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6. AlpineStars Winter Touring Balaclava

Alpinestars Winter Touring Balaclava

Snowmobilers aren’t the only ones who ride when it’s cold outside. There are some truly hardcore motorcyclists out there who are always looking for ways to keep warm and the AlpineStars Winter Touring balaclava is one product the two-wheel community turns to.

This balaclava comes with a waterproof and windproof neck skirt to cover the collar of your jacket (though we like to wear ours tucked inside the collar). To keep you comfortable while wearing a helmet, this balaclava features flatlock seam construction and double-sided Lycra panels.

Finally, an open nose panel helps direct your breath away from your visor to help prevent fogging.

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Do I need more than one balaclava?

Do you NEED more than one? Not really, but it is nice to have a snowmobile balaclava that is appropriate for the conditions. The thinner models like the Castle X Thermatex Balaclava are great for staying comfortable on your sled in warmer temps, but when if you’re going out in cloudy and snowing conditions, our guess is that you’ll want something that provides better insulation and protection to keep you warm.

What are the benefits of a balaclava with a neck gaiter?

They’re the same as the benefits of your gloves having them. The more material you have protecting you from the elements, the more comfortable you’ll likely be. Gaiters prevent powdery snow and cool breezes from getting to you under your gear.

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