Finding the perfect snowmobile helmet can be tricky, as it’s hard to know how a helmet is going to feel after trying it on once or twice. The weight, style and type of helmet is something that needs to be considered when choosing your ideal snowmobile helmet. If you enjoy active backcountry riding, then an open face helmet with goggles is ideal given that it’s lighter. However, if you enjoy primarily trail riding in extremely cold temperatures, then a full face or modular style helmet with an electric heated visor may be the way to go for you. While there aren’t many differences between men and women’s snowmobile helmets, the noticeable differences are generally focused on the style and colors. At the end of the day, men and women have similarly shaped noggins, right?

With that in mind, here are the top 5 women’s snowmobile helmets – at least according to me.

#1 – 509 Altitude Snowmobiling Helmet with Fidlock

509 Altitude Snowmobiling Helmet with Fidlock

The 509 Altitude helmet is one of the best women’s snowmobile helmets around and a top selling helmet overall. The Altitude emphasizes the importance of safety, performance, fit and style. It features a cold weather removable breath box, removable vent stoppers to customize ventilation, six vent scoops and eight intake/exhaust vent ports, plus a dual density, EPS foam liner for added crash protection. The outer shell is made from a type of thermoplastic that adds strength but weighs less (at just under three pounds). This women’s snowmobile helmet comes in a variety of sizes (including youth sizes) and colors, and was designed to fit 509 goggles perfectly. The Fidlock magnetic strap clash comes standard, and makes this an incredibly easy helmet to put on or remove quickly and with one hand.

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#2 – FXR Torque Evo Helmet  

FXR Torque Evo Helmet

The FXR Torque Helmet also comes in a variety of sizes and colors, both for men and women. The fuchsia colored helmet is bright, and certainly stands out against the white snow while riding. It comes in an open faced style, or you can purchase a model complete with electric shield. This women’s snowmobile helmet also comes with a dual density EPS liner, removable moisture wicking comfort liner and quick release buckle. It’s not as light as the 509 helmet above and doesn’t offer as many vented ports or “extras”, but it is still lighter than many snowmobile helmets and is a great all around purchase.

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#3 –  Divas Snow Gear GMAX Aztec GM54S Full Face Helmet

Divas Snow Gear GMAX Aztec GM54S Full Face Helmet

The GMAX Aztec is a modular snowmobile helmet that makes it easy to stop and talk to your fellow riders, or grab a sip of water or a snack without having to go through the hassle of taking it off. Divas Snow Gear is a company that was created by a female snowmobile enthusiast, to offer gear exclusively for women. In partnering with GMAX for this helmet, DSG ensured that this helmet features components such as an easy push lever to open the shield, and an inner lens to assist with blocking the sun and helping to prevent fog related issues. Vents are located on the top and front (interior and exterior) to help with airflow. Given the modular, full face style, this helmet is heavier compared to open faced helmets, but it’s sure to keep you warm while out riding on the trail and is one of the best women’s snowmobile helmets you’ll find.

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#4 – GMAX GM-11 Pink Ribbon Riders Snowmobile Helmet

GMAX GM-11 Pink Ribbon Riders Snowmobile Helmet

This special edition GM-11 helmet was released in support of the Pink Ribbon Riders, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to male and female breast cancer patients. It comes with a dual lens shield; however, it can be converted to an open faced helmet, for use with goggles, if desired. This helmet comes with a washable comfort liner, removable cheek pads, chin curtain and cold weather breath box. It’s redesigned mouth vent and additional intake and exhaust vents keep you cool when needed, and the visor allows for maximum air flow when speeds pick up – key features for any women’s snowmobile helmets you should be considering.

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#5 – Bell Qualifier Matte Pink/Black Snowmobile Helmet with Dual Shield

Bell Qualifier Matte Pink/Black Snowmobile Helmet with Dual Shield

Yes, Bell makes helmets for snowmobiling, too! For those die-hard Bell users, this comes as a relief as it makes your purchase decision easy given the long-standing history Bell has in making helmets since the 50’s. The Qualifier helmet is made of a light weight polycarbonate/ABS shell material. It features a ClickRelease snow shield for quick shield removal or replacement. The helmet comes with a breath box and adjustable nose bridge for customized fit, along with additional ventilation ports. This helmet is available with an electric shield as well, and comes Bell’s five-year warranty.

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