Snowmobiling with fogged up goggles can damper a fun day out on the trails or backcountry. Not only is it annoying, but it’s also a significant safety risk if you can’t properly see what is ahead of you. To prevent moisture buildup resulting in blurry or blocked vision, many riders have explored using heated snowmobile goggles.

There actually aren’t a lot of choices in the heated goggle market, which is a little surprising when you realize how useful they can be. For riders who prefer to use open-face helmets, goggles are essential. But warm bodies and cold outside air are not a perfect pairing. Many of us have tried plenty of homemade remedies for keeping goggles free of fog and condensation, but we haven’t found a perfect system yet. That is why we are so fond of heated snowmobile goggles or helmets with a heated visor.

1. Editor’s Choice: 509 Sinister X6 Ignite

509 Sinister X6 Ignite

The 509 Sinister X6 Ignite not only features a heated lens to help keep ice and fog away, but 509 says it also boasts the widest field of view. The Ignite heated lens technology allows users just push a button to heat the entire inner surface of the thermal conductive transparent lens to 104 degrees (Fahrenheit). Powering this system is a strap-mounted lithium-ion battery pack. This innovative system features a two-minute interval or “always on” mode.” If you do run the Ignite system continuously, 509 says you should get five hours out of the battery pack before it needs to be recharged.

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2. Runner Up: 509 Kingpin Ignite Goggles

509 Kingpin Ignite Goggles

Much like the Sinister, the 509 Kingpin heated snowmobile goggles come with a lightweight, rechargeable power pack. The Kingpin Ignite goggles also feature a dual lens and have a sleek and sporty design.

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3. CKX 210 DEG Electric Goggle

CKX DEG Electric Goggle

The CKX 210 DEG heated snowmobile goggles are an affordable option for riders who want to try out heated goggles. This goggle is electric heated, and features a double lens that offers anti-fog, anti-scratch and 100% UV protection. The frame has top and bottom ventilation ports so moisture doesn’t build up, and tripe layered foam for ultimate comfort. The 210 DEG goggles are designed to fit on the CRK Titan helmet and its quick-release strap mechanism.

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4. Typhoon Dual Visor Modular Full Face Helmet w/ Heated Shield

Ski-Doo BV2S Electric Helmet

To mix things up a bit we also threw in a heated visor option for those riders looking for full face helmet, and who want something more than a heated snowmobile goggle. The Ski-Doo BV2S Electric Helmet is sleek, sharp, and offers ultimate warmth while out riding or touring. It offers a dual lens, electric heated shield, and fog resistant mask system, in addition to a slide down sunshield.

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Can MX goggles work for riding my snowmobile?

While snowmobile goggles and MX goggles utilize the same frame, the important difference is in the lens that is used. Snowmobile goggle lenses are double pained, meaning that there is an insulating layer in-between the two lenses that prevent fogging in cold temps. What’s even better about the goggles in this list is that they feature heated lenses to ensure that you don’t deal with snow accumulation and fogging.

How is power supplied to heated snowmobile goggles?

Most goggles come with a rechargeable battery pack to offer plenty of mobility. The problem with this setup, is that if you’re out for a long day and have them on most of the time, you stand the chance of draining the battery. Some offer the option of using an extra pigtail lead that can be hardwired to the battery of your machine so you have endless power for those long days.

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