If your helmet needs to be replaced or you are new to the sport and don’t know where to start, this buyer’s guide looks at some of the best snowmobile helmets available today.

Snowmobiling is an incredibly fun winter activity, both for beginners and for experienced snowmobilers. However, you should only ever go snowmobiling when you have the right safety equipment, including goggles, gloves, and of course, an excellent helmet to protect your head!

However, no two snowmobile helmets are perfectly alike. This guide will break down the best snowmobile helmets available on the market right now so you’re ready to take advantage of every snowfall this winter.

1. Editor’s Choice: 509 Delta R3 Ignite

509 Delta R4 Ignite

509 is well known for its Ignite series of electric goggles, but for the majority of preferring a full-face or modular helmet, the 509 Delta R3 Ignite is an excellent option. As the name suggests, the helmet comes with an Ignite dual-pane heated shield so you can keep your shield fog-free all day. This is also a bonus for riders who wear eyeglasses under their helmets.

Other features in this DOT/ECE dual certified helmet include Fidlock easy magnetic strap clasp, Pro Series liner and cheek pads, poly alloy shell construction with two different shell sizes, two-stage front chin vent, adjustable forehead vents, removable arctic chin curtain, and breath box to keep the cold out, and a smoke-tinted sun shield that drops down with the sun shield trigger.

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2. Runner Up: 509 Altitude 2.0

509 Altitude 2.0

You can’t include 509 on this list without mentioning the Altitude family. The 509 Altitude 2.0 is the pinnacle of this series, as it is lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than the original Altitude. The Altitude 2.0 boasts hand lay-up fiberglass composite construction and features a one-piece eye port trim, upper vents with on/off shutter closure for airflow control, Fidlock chinstrap closure, Go-Pro mounting capability, and Pro-Series removable breath box. We would recommend pairing this with the 509 Sinister X6 Ignite heated goggles to help keep the fog at bay.

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3. HJC CS-R3 Dosta with Electric Shield

HJC CS-R3 Dosta

Here’s an excellent adult snowmobile helmet that comes with a built-in electric shield. In addition, the HJC CS-R3 comes with an advanced polycarbonate composite shell, allowing the helmet to stay lightweight and durable at the same time.

Even better, the helmet comes built with a very wide field-of-view, integrated exhaust vents, and even a shield replacement system so you can replace any shattered or cracked shields in just seconds, all without the use of tools!

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4. HJC Solid Youth CL-Y

HJC CL-Y Youth

This snowmobile helmet is particularly good for young riders who want to get into the hobby without having to stick with an oversized and potentially dangerous adult helmet that doesn’t fit quite right. Purchase this and you’ll get a helmet with a solid black matte finish for added visibility on the snow. It’s DOT-certified to ensure adequate safety, and it comes with a breath guard and dual lens shield. Other features include a removable and washable Nylex interior, and integrated vents on either side to prevent the visor from fogging up.

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5. Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV

Castle X Mode Dual Sport SV

Castle X is a well-respected gear brand and our favorite snowmobile helmet from this manufacturer is the Castle X Mode Dual-Sport SV, which comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging from extra-small all the way to extra-large.

You can pick up the Mode Dual-Sport SV in a wide variety of colors and go with an electric shield or a dual-pane anti-fog shield, depending on your budget. Features include a smoked tinted sun visor, removable breath box, cold-weather chin curtain.

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How Do Heated Snowmobile Helmets Work?

Any snowmobile helmet that comes with electric shields can essentially defrost itself. This means that the shield can slightly heat up and prevent moisture buildup from either your breath or ambient moisture in the air. These helmets are either powered via battery packs or can be wired directly into your snowmobile’s power outlet. Both options warm the shield over time through circuitry laced through the helmet.

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