So you’ve just picked up a new sled, and you’re ready to customize it and make it your own, and what better way to do with than with a set of snowmobile skis.

While many snowmobilers are perfectly content with their stock setup, there are many of us who are looking for options and the ultimate customized sled. With so many different snowmobile skis on the market, it’s important to do your research first before buying. Snowmobile skis are made up of several different components, and the performance of each ski varies depending on the material it is made of, the physical design of the skis, and the type of terrain you plan on riding in. Here are a few choices to consider while shopping for snowmobile skis:

1. Editor’s Choice: C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis

C&A Pro Razor RZ Skis

C&A Pro snowmobile skis are an industry leader. Based out of Minnesota, the company boasts USA made products, supports racers through sponsorship programs, and emphasizes tried and true R&D tested products. These RZ Skis are sold in a pair, and feature preloaded tips to absorb bumps while riding. Ideal for sleds that are 2011 and older, the “V” shape of this ski’s keel helps to prevent darting and gives your sled extra grip while riding through tight or windy trails. These reasons put them at the top of our list of best snowmobile skis.

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2. Runner Up: Curve XS Ski

Curve XS Ski

Curve’s XS snowmobile skis is its standard trail performance ski. It’s designed with a wide intake profile, and larger edge surface area to grab more snow. These aftermarket snowmobile skis provide improved cornering abilities, reduced tracking and are designed to make steering easier on you! Skis sold separately; available in many different colors for full customization of your sled.

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3. Camoplast Universal Touring Ski

Camoplast Universal Touring Ski

Camoplast produces the one of the few blow-molded one-piece performance snowmobile skis in the industry. It’s easy to install, and is a lightweight, yet solid and durable ski that will help improve steering on your sled. Sold as a pair;  these best aftermarket snowmobile skits require you to purchase a mounting kit and carbides separately.

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4. Raider Black All-Terrain Skis  

Raider Black All-Terrain Skis

Like Camoplast, Raider also boasts that it is one of the few companies that makes a blow-molded 1-piece snowmobile ski. This ski is durable, light weight and offered at an affordable price. Mounting kit and carbides sold separately.

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5. Extreme Max 5800.2000 Snowmobile Dolly System

Raider Black All-Terrain Skis

Moving your sled around in your garage can be a hassle, and the Extreme Max 5800 series Snowmobile Dolly System was designed to make your life simple. With this system, you can use a lever lift to raise your sled and slide the two front dolly plates under your skis and then lift the rear, so you can place the rear dolly under your track system. This allows maximum maneuverability during the off season or when you’re waiting for your next outdoor excursion. The dollies feature heavy-duty steel construction, with a rubber cushions for maximum grip and protection. the 2.5″ rubber casters make moving your heavy sled around and all pieces feature a one-year replacement warranty.

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Is there a benefit to running wider skis vs. narrow skis?

If you prefer to ride in more powdery conditions, you’ll definitely prefer to run a wider ski. The wider skis provide more flotation through better weight distribution on each ski. If you get a wider skis, you’ll want to get some that have squared edges that allow you to get a better bite while turning in more hard packed snow.

When should I change my snowmobile skis?

It’s not so much the skis that you’re worried about maintaining, but yes you still do need to inspect them. You want to focus your attention on the carbides on the skis. When the carbides wear down to the point they’re flush with the host bar, you want to replace them. Some people wait till they’re literally falling apart, but that can be risky and lead to unsafe handling.

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