Backcountry and mountain sledders would be wise to never head out without snowmobile shovel that carries light and compact. Having a shovel on hand as you explore untouched snow can get you out of a tight spot or even help dig out a friend who got in (literally) over their head.

A good snowmobile shovel is much lighter than your run of the mill shovel you use to clear your driveway in the winter and it needs to be small enough to be easily carried while you ride.

We’ve done the research into the best possible snowmobile shovel options in the industry so you can find the right one for your needs

Backcountry Access D-2 EXT Dozer w/ Folding Saw

BCA Avalanche Shovel

Back Country Access is known for producing dependable snowmobile accessories. The D-2 EXT Dozer is just what you need for getting yourself unstuck or as a rescue tool in the event a snowmobiler gets caught up in an avanalche.

The extendable and packable design makes it a cinch to haul around with your gear for easy transport. Its multifunctional construction allows the EXT Dozer to work as a shovel or a hoe. Digging will prove to be much less of a hassle when you have this versatile tool at your side.

You also get a handy folding saw included with this set. Now you’ll be able to remove brush and tree limbs from your path in no time at all – and with less effort. The serrated blade serves to quickly take down blockages so you can get moving.

It’s worth noting that the saw folds, but the Dozer does not. Instead, it snaps into place using different pieces. This design choice enables you to quickly remove it from your pack, as well as simplify packing it along with you.

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Backcountry Access B-1 Shovel

BCA B-1 Snowmobile Shovel

BCA earns a spot yet again, this time with its B-1 Shovel. This simple yet highly-effective tool is well-made and constructed to withstand extended use. At 1.3 pounds, the B-1 is reasonable lightweight. That said, there are lighter options available.

But the slight added weight serves to ensure that you’re investing in a high-quality snowmobile shovel made of 6061 T6 aluminum that will be up to the task when the time comes.

As for dimensions, the B-1 shovel has a collapsed length of 22 inches (56cm) and an extended length of 26 inches (73cm).

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Backcountry Access MtnPro Tunnel Bag

BCA MTNPro Tunnel Bag

BCA is at it again with its MtnPro bag, which is designed to keep your avalanche shovel easily accessible.

The construction is waterproof, so you never have to worry about your gear getting wet or damaged. The durable outer shell offers durability and protection, and thanks to its integrated shovel, it’s easier than ever to haul around your gear.

Inside the MtnPro Tunnel Bag is 21 ounces of extra storage space. Protecting the bag is 500D polyester and PU coating. You can trust that your stuff will be safe and dry throughout your sledding adventures.

Yes, it’s a bit costly. But when it comes to protecting your snowmobile gear, it’s hard to argue with the price.

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Yukon Charlie’s Yukon Sport Utility Shovel

Yukon Charlie Snowmobile Shovel

Yukon Charlie’s Yukon sport utility shovel makes an excellent addition to your snowmobiling adventures. Made with lightweight materials that are both durable and effective in removing snow, you will appreciate having this useful tool with you.

It’s also adjustable, making it easier to carry on your person or haul on your sled. You can rest assured that this snowmobile shovel will perform well thanks to its 6000 aluminum body.

For added convenience, a slip-proof ABS handle ensures that your grip stays secure as you dig yourself out of the snow.

The Yukon measures just 14 inches when it’s being stored. While in use, however, you can extend the shovel from 26 inches to 33 inches.

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Lifeline Aluminum Sport Utility Shovel

Lifeline Aluminum Snowmobile Shovel

Lifeline’s Aluminum Sport Utility snowmobile shovel will serve snowmobilers well. This tool features a handy three-piece collapsible design that makes transporting and handling the shovel a piece of cake.

The durable aluminum body gives you a shovel that is both lightweight and dependable. At just 1.3 pounds, you will be able to easily pack your shovel with you.

The adjustable design gives you three different lengths to choose from, so you can trust that you’ll always have the most comfortable size shovel to work with.

Adjust to either 21, 26, or 32 inches. Select the short size of removing snow packed around your sled. Choose the longer lengths to dig the deeper snow that’s keeping your snowmobile stuck.

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Backcountry Access A-2 EXT Shovel With Saw

BCA A-2 Snowmobile Shovel

At just a little under 2 pounds, BCA’s A-2 EXT Shovel is one of the heavier entries in our guide. It’s also one of the most durable and long-lasting. The incredible build quality consists of tough 6061 T6 aluminum.

Like other BCA snowmobile shovel options, the A-2 comes with a nice bonus in the form of a saw that stores in the shovel’s handle. Thanks to this handy addition, you can safely and effectively cut bothersome brush and branches from your path for safe passage.

For dimensions, the BCA A-2 EXT shovel is just 16 inches long when collapsed and can extend all the way out to 30 inches. Meanwhile, the saw measures 16.3 inches in total length.

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How Do You Mount a Shovel on a Snowmobile?

Your best bet is to invest in a trustworthy tunnel bag to mount your snowmobile shovel to your sled. Tunnel bags offer the storage needed to safely carry your shovel as you ride.

For those of you that ride with a backpack, it is also possible to tie down a snowmobile shovel to the outside of your backpack. However, that does add more weight to your shoulders and back while you ride, which is not an ideal solution.

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