Youth Snowmobiles

Youth Snowmobiles

Three of the four major snowmobile manufacturers have a youth snowmobile in their lineup and they’re all fairly similar. All of these sleds feature quite basic, air-cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder motors that will run a long time on a couple quarts of regular gasoline. Safety features give parents the ability to limit the speed and a tether strap will kill the engine should the child fall off. These sleds are designed to be simple to operate and are a great way to introduce young riders to the sport.

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2013 Yamaha and Arctic Cat 120 Youth Sleds Review

How do you like your 120cc kid sled? As a blue Yamaha of green Arctic Cat?

Under that Arctic Cat green or Yamaha blue, the latest kid-sized, grown-up styled 120cc youth-mobiles feature body by Arctic Cat, power by Yamaha.

2013 Yamaha Snowmobile Lineup Unveiled

Yamaha adds a new crossover and targets youth riders

Yamaha continues to pull away from the competition with four-stroke advantages as it eases kids into the Yamaha snowmobile family.

Top Snowmobiles for Non-Sledders

Sleds that fill a need in the snow zone

When casual or non-sledding enthusiasts look for a snowmobile they have specific reasons in mind. We offer a look at some options for the winter enthusiast looking for outdoor recreation opportunities.

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Youth Snowmobile Photos

Arctic Cat F120
Arctic Cat F120
Ski-Doo Mini Z
Ski-Doo Mini Z